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Premier league schedule 2021/22

Premier league schedule 2021/22

Premier League’s Season Review 2021/22

PREMIER LEAGUE: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE NEW 2021 SEASON; Watch Live Text 380 matches this season at FootballBetExpert 

The 2020/21 Premier League season was instable and reasonable as the  pandemic incurred many issues, not only for football and other sports, but society worldwide. Despite all problems, all premier league clubs created an entertaining and attractive competition.

There were difficult times, certainly during last year when Premier League  had to postpone the matches.

The safety of all players & fans was the priority throughout the pandemic and everyone adapted to protocols to ensure that PL complete the season as planned. This would not have been possible without the discipline and hard work of all.

It was marvelous to see all clubs welcome fans back for the final 2 match rounds of the season. As you already know  10,000 fans were at the Etihad Stadium to watch Man City being crowned champions.

They completed an amazing run of 15 consecutive PL wins and this was hugely impressive.


PL preview, bet predictions, fixtures

Premier League’s 2021/22 season will start from 13 August, 2021 and will finish on Sunday 22  May, 2022. There are 20 teams playing each other twice, that amounts to 380 games of great football spectacle. Top four teams will qualify directly for Champions League and last three teams will be relegated to the Championship.

PL 2021/22 season will start Friday night, 13  August, 8 pm with an awesome opening game between  Brentford vs Arsenal. Then 14 August 12:30  CET, Man United  will face Leeds. See full details from Premier League Match Day 1 HERE

Man City have been crowned 2020-21 Premier League champions, this is their third title success in the last four years.

Premier league schedule

Friday 13 August

20:00 Brentford v Arsenal ➡ 2-0

Saturday 14 August

12:30 Man Utd v Leeds ➡ 5-1
Burnley v Brighton ➡ 1-2
Chelsea v Crystal Palace ➡ 3-0
Everton v Southampton ➡ 3-1
Leicester v Wolves ➡ 1-0
Watford v Aston Villa ➡ 3-2
17:30 Norwich v Liverpool ➡ 0-3

Sunday 15 August

14:00 Newcastle v West Ham ➡ 2-0
16:30 Spurs v Man City ➡ 2-0 

Saturday 21 August

12:30 Liverpool v Burnley ➡ 2-0 
Aston Villa v Newcastle ➡ 2-0 
Crystal Palace v Brentford ➡ 0-0 
Leeds v Everton ➡ 2-2
Man City v Norwich ➡ 5-0 
17:30 Brighton v Watford ➡ 2-0 

Sunday 22 August

14:00 Southampton v Man Utd ➡ 1-1
14:00 Wolves v Spurs ➡ 0-1
16:30 Arsenal v Chelsea ➡0-2

Monday 23 August

20:00 West Ham v Leicester ➡4-1

Saturday 28 August

12:30 Man City v Arsenal ➡ 5-0
Aston Villa v Brentford ➡ 1-1
Brighton v Everton ➡ 0-2
Newcastle v Southampton ➡ 2-2
Norwich v Leicester ➡1-2
West Ham v Crystal Palace ➡ 2-2
17:30 Liverpool v Chelsea ➡ 1-1

Sunday 29 August

14:00 Burnley v Leeds ➡ 1-1
14:00 Spurs v Watford ➡ 1-0
16:30 Wolves v Man Utd ➡ 0-1

Saturday 11 September

12:30 Crystal Palace v Spurs ➡ 3-0
Arsenal v Norwich ➡ 1-0
Brentford v Brighton ➡ 0-1
Leicester v Man City  ➡ 0-1
Man Utd v Newcastle ➡ 4-1
Southampton v West Ham ➡ 0-0
Watford v Wolves ➡ 0-2
17:30 Chelsea v Aston Villa** ➡ 3-0

Sunday 12 September

16:30 Leeds v Liverpool** ➡ 0-3

Monday 13 September

20:00 Everton v Burnley ➡ 3-1

Friday 17 September

20:00 Newcastle v Leeds

Saturday 18 September

12:30 Wolves v Brentford ➡ 0-2
Burnley v Arsenal ➡ 0-1
Liverpool v Crystal Palace ➡ 3-0
Man City v Southampton ➡ 0-0
Norwich v Watford ➡ 1-3
17:30 Aston Villa v Everton ➡ 3-0

Sunday 19 September

14:00 Brighton v Leicester ➡ 2-1
14:00 West Ham v Man Utd* ➡ 1-2
16:30 Spurs v Chelsea* ➡ 0-3

Saturday 25 September

12:30 Chelsea v Man City ➡ 0-1
Everton v Norwich ➡ 2-0
Leeds v West Ham ➡ 1-2
Leicester v Burnley ➡ 2-2
Man Utd v Aston Villa ➡ 0-1
Watford v Newcastle ➡ 1-1
17:30 Brentford v Liverpool ➡ 3-3

Sunday 26 September

14:00 Southampton v Wolves ➡ 0-1
16:30 Arsenal v Spurs ➡ 3-1

Monday 27 September

20:00 Crystal Palace v Brighton

Saturday 2 October

12:30 Man Utd v Everton
Burnley v Norwich
Chelsea v Southampton
Leeds v Watford
Spurs v Aston Villa
Wolves v Newcastle
17:30 Brighton v Arsenal

Sunday 3 October

14:00 Crystal Palace v Leicester
14:00 West Ham v Brentford
16:30 Liverpool v Man City

Saturday 16 October

12:30 Watford v Liverpool
Aston Villa v Wolves
Leicester v Man Utd
Man City v Burnley
Norwich v Brighton
Southampton v Leeds
17:30 Brentford v Chelsea

Sunday 17 October

14:00 Everton v West Ham
16:30 Newcastle v Spurs

Monday 18 October

20:00 Arsenal v Crystal Palace

Friday 22 October

20:00 Arsenal v Aston Villa

Saturday 23 October

12:30 Chelsea v Norwich
Crystal Palace v Newcastle
Everton v Watford
Leeds v Wolves
Southampton v Burnley
17:30 Brighton v Man City

Sunday 24 October

14:00 Brentford v Leicester
14:00 West Ham v Spurs***
16:30 Man Utd v Liverpool***

Saturday 30 October

12:30 Leicester v Arsenal
Burnley v Brentford
Liverpool v Brighton
Man City v Crystal Palace
Newcastle v Chelsea
Watford v Southampton
17:30 Spurs v Man Utd

Sunday 31 October

14:00 Norwich v Leeds
16:30 Aston Villa v West Ham

Monday 1 November

20:00 Wolves v Everton

Saturday 6 November

Arsenal v Watford
Brentford v Norwich
Brighton v Newcastle
Chelsea v Burnley
Crystal Palace v Wolves
Everton v Spurs*
Leeds v Leicester*
Man Utd v Man City
Southampton v Aston Villa
West Ham v Liverpool*

Saturday 20 November

Aston Villa v Brighton
Burnley v Crystal Palace
Leicester v Chelsea
Liverpool v Arsenal
Man City v Everton
Newcastle v Brentford
Norwich v Southampton
Spurs v Leeds
Watford v Man Utd
Wolves v West Ham

Saturday 27 November

Arsenal v Newcastle
Brentford v Everton
Brighton v Leeds
Burnley v Spurs*
Chelsea v Man Utd
Crystal Palace v Aston Villa
Leicester v Watford*
Liverpool v Southampton
Man City v West Ham*
Norwich v Wolves

Tuesday 30 November

19:45 Aston Villa v Man City*
19:45 Everton v Liverpool
19:45 Leeds v Crystal Palace
19:45 Watford v Chelsea*
19:45 West Ham v Brighton*
19:45 Wolves v Burnley
20:00 Man Utd v Arsenal

Wednesday 1 December

19:45 Newcastle v Norwich
19:45 Southampton v Leicester
19:45 Spurs v Brentford

Saturday 4 December

Aston Villa v Leicester
Everton v Arsenal
Leeds v Brentford
Man Utd v Crystal Palace
Newcastle v Burnley
Southampton v Brighton
Spurs v Norwich
Watford v Man City
West Ham v Chelsea
Wolves v Liverpool

Saturday 11 December

Arsenal v Southampton
Brentford v Watford
Brighton v Spurs*
Burnley v West Ham*
Chelsea v Leeds
Crystal Palace v Everton
Leicester v Newcastle*
Liverpool v Aston Villa
Man City v Wolves
Norwich v Man Utd

Tuesday 14 December

19:45 Arsenal v West Ham*
19:45 Brentford v Man Utd
19:45 Brighton v Wolves
19:45 Burnley v Watford*
19:45 Leicester v Spurs*
19:45 Norwich v Aston Villa
20:00 Crystal Palace v Southampton

Wednesday 15 December

20:00 Chelsea v Everton
20:00 Liverpool v Newcastle
20:00 Man City v Leeds

Saturday 18 December

Aston Villa v Burnley
Everton v Leicester
Leeds v Arsenal
Man Utd v Brighton
Newcastle v Man City
Southampton v Brentford
Spurs v Liverpool
Watford v Crystal Palace
West Ham v Norwich
Wolves v Chelsea

Sunday 26 December

Aston Villa v Chelsea
Brighton v Brentford
Burnley v Everton
Liverpool v Leeds
Man City v Leicester
Newcastle v Man Utd
Norwich v Arsenal
Spurs v Crystal Palace
West Ham v Southampton
Wolves v Watford

Tuesday 28 December

Arsenal v Wolves
Brentford v Man City
Chelsea v Brighton
Crystal Palace v Norwich
Everton v Newcastle
Leeds v Aston Villa
Leicester v Liverpool
Man Utd v Burnley
Southampton v Spurs
Watford v West Ham

Saturday 1 January

Arsenal v Man City
Brentford v Aston Villa
Chelsea v Liverpool
Crystal Palace v West Ham
Everton v Brighton
Leeds v Burnley
Leicester v Norwich
Man Utd v Wolves
Southampton v Newcastle
Watford v Spurs

Saturday 15 January

Aston Villa v Man Utd
Brighton v Crystal Palace
Burnley v Leicester
Liverpool v Brentford
Man City v Chelsea
Newcastle v Watford
Norwich v Everton
Spurs v Arsenal
West Ham v Leeds
Wolves v Southampton

Saturday 22 January

Arsenal v Burnley
Brentford v Wolves
Chelsea v Spurs
Crystal Palace v Liverpool
Everton v Aston Villa
Leeds v Newcastle
Leicester v Brighton
Man Utd v West Ham
Southampton v Man City
Watford v Norwich

Tuesday 8 February

19:45 Aston Villa v Leeds
19:45 Brighton v Chelsea
19:45 Burnley v Man Utd
19:45 Norwich v Crystal Palace
19:45 West Ham v Watford
19:45 Wolves v Arsenal

Wednesday 9 February

19:45 Newcastle v Everton
19:45 Spurs v Southampton
20:00 Liverpool v Leicester
20:00 Man City v Brentford

Saturday 12 February

Brentford v Crystal Palace
Burnley v Liverpool
Chelsea v Arsenal
Everton v Leeds
Leicester v West Ham
Man Utd v Southampton
Newcastle v Aston Villa
Norwich v Man City
Spurs v Wolves
Watford v Brighton

Saturday 19 February

Arsenal v Brentford
Aston Villa v Watford
Brighton v Burnley
Crystal Palace v Chelsea
Leeds v Man Utd
Liverpool v Norwich
Man City v Spurs
Southampton v Everton
West Ham v Newcastle
Wolves v Leicester

Saturday 26 February

Arsenal v Liverpool
Brentford v Newcastle
Brighton v Aston Villa
Chelsea v Leicester
Crystal Palace v Burnley
Everton v Man City
Leeds v Spurs
Man Utd v Watford
Southampton v Norwich
West Ham v Wolves

Saturday 5 March

Aston Villa v Southampton
Burnley v Chelsea
Leicester v Leeds
Liverpool v West Ham
Man City v Man Utd
Newcastle v Brighton
Norwich v Brentford
Spurs v Everton
Watford v Arsenal
Wolves v Crystal Palace

Saturday 12 March

Arsenal v Leicester
Brentford v Burnley
Brighton v Liverpool
Chelsea v Newcastle
Crystal Palace v Man City
Everton v Wolves
Leeds v Norwich
Man Utd v Spurs
Southampton v Watford
West Ham v Aston Villa

Saturday 19 March

Aston Villa v Arsenal
Burnley v Southampton
Leicester v Brentford
Liverpool v Man Utd
Man City v Brighton
Newcastle v Crystal Palace
Norwich v Chelsea
Spurs v West Ham
Watford v Everton
Wolves v Leeds

Saturday 2 April

Brighton v Norwich
Burnley v Man City
Chelsea v Brentford
Crystal Palace v Arsenal
Leeds v Southampton
Liverpool v Watford
Man Utd v Leicester
Spurs v Newcastle
West Ham v Everton
Wolves v Aston Villa

Saturday 9 April

Arsenal v Brighton
Aston Villa v Spurs
Brentford v West Ham
Everton v Man Utd
Leicester v Crystal Palace
Man City v Liverpool
Newcastle v Wolves
Norwich v Burnley
Southampton v Chelsea
Watford v Leeds

Saturday 16 April

Aston Villa v Liverpool
Everton v Crystal Palace
Leeds v Chelsea
Man Utd v Norwich
Newcastle v Leicester
Southampton v Arsenal
Spurs v Brighton
Watford v Brentford
West Ham v Burnley
Wolves v Man City

Saturday 23 April

Arsenal v Man Utd
Brentford v Spurs
Brighton v Southampton
Burnley v Wolves
Chelsea v West Ham
Crystal Palace v Leeds
Leicester v Aston Villa
Liverpool v Everton
Man City v Watford
Norwich v Newcastle

Saturday 30 April

Aston Villa v Norwich
Everton v Chelsea
Leeds v Man City
Man Utd v Brentford
Newcastle v Liverpool
Southampton v Crystal Palace
Spurs v Leicester
Watford v Burnley
West Ham v Arsenal
Wolves v Brighton

Saturday 7 May

Arsenal v Leeds
Brentford v Southampton
Brighton v Man Utd
Burnley v Aston Villa
Chelsea v Wolves
Crystal Palace v Watford
Leicester v Everton
Liverpool v Spurs
Man City v Newcastle
Norwich v West Ham

Sunday 15 May*

Aston Villa v Crystal Palace
Everton v Brentford
Leeds v Brighton
Man Utd v Chelsea
Newcastle v Arsenal
Southampton v Liverpool
Spurs v Burnley
Watford v Leicester
West Ham v Man City
Wolves v Norwich
* to avoid a clash with the FA Cup Final on 14 May

Sunday 22 May

16:00 Arsenal v Everton
16:00 Brentford v Leeds
16:00 Brighton v West Ham
16:00 Burnley v Newcastle
16:00 Chelsea v Watford
16:00 Crystal Palace v Man Utd
16:00 Leicester v Southampton
16:00 Liverpool v Wolves
16:00 Man City v Aston Villa
16:00 Norwich v Spurs

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Man City are odds on favorite to keep its PL title with Betzest valuing Pep Guardiola’s team at 1,70 to win the Premier League 2021/22 season title.

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