Messi Vs Ronaldo

Who is the best player, Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?


Ronaldo or Messi ? It’s very hard to say and we are lucky to be contemporary with these two amazing players. Messi has a natural talent and he’s genius and incredible. He has won more titles throughout his entire career since he plays for a better team Barcelona. On the other hand  Ronaldo  compensate with hard work and ambition. He’s being the first person in the training and the last person out.

Let’s first analyse the global figures that both players have produced throughout their career.

We can see that Leo Messi’s scoring average in his entire career (0.81) is 0.08 percentage points higher than Cristiano Ronaldo’s (0.73).

Cristiano Ronaldo has played 144 games more than Leo Messi in his entire career and has scored only 28 goals more than the Argentinian. Also, Leo Messi has given 70 assists more than Cristiano Ronaldo in his entire career, making a total of 989 goals generated in 856 games (1.16 goals generated by game). Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo has generated 947 goals in 1000 games, for a total of 0.95 goals generated by game in his entire career.

Adding goals and assists we can affirm that, in his entire career, Leo Messi has generated 42 goals more than Cristiano Ronaldo, despite having played 144 matches less.

Russian model big fan of Real Madrid and Barcelona

Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi  ? World Cup Russia 2018 was one of the  HOTTEST Final Football Tournament ever because Russian woman’s were inflaming the imagination of the worldwide fans.

Iryna Ivanova 31-year-old is a Russia model with  5.7 million  fans in Instagram. She’s a very big fan of football and her favorite players are Messi and Ronaldo. In terms of teams she supports Russia, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.  She is already excited about seeing her favorite players and  football championships to start again and looks forward to the matches that will take place in  the end of 2020. She bought couple of tickets for few games and will certainly be present in the stadiums to watch her favourite team and footballers.

Besides football, she practices boxing and baseball.

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