World Cup tickets Information

VIDEO + PHOTO. More than three million tickets requested for World Cup Russia 2018 so far.

World Cup Tickets. More than three million tickets requested for World Cup so far


VIDEO + PHOTO With only five months left until the start of Football World Cup Russia, there is massive demand for tickets.

6,141,163 tickets have been requested since 5 December. So far, most of the applications have come from Russia, with fans from Germany, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, USA, Spain, Poland and China representing the top ten countries from abroad. Overall, international demand accounts for 38 per cent.

What Identification will fans need?

All fans heading to the World Cup Russia must apply for a FAN ID: an official identity document required by the Russian authorities (it’s free).

It’s a necessity to get into the country – as opposed to getting a visa – and includes benefits such as the free use of public transport on match days.

World Cup Russia tickets update

Ticket prices range from €/£79 for a round group match up to €/£829 for the final.

Russian residents will be eligible to obtain cheaper tickets with prices starting at €/£17.

Fans not from Russia, tickets are separated into three categories.

For the opening World Cup Game played at Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, between Russia and Saudi Arabia, are 4 categories of tickets as follows:

Category 1 in blue – price starts from 800 Euros  (see below)

.Category 2 in red – price starts from 500 Euros (see below)

Cat 3 in Green – price starts from 450 Euros (see below)

Category 4 in Purple (available only for Russian residents) – price starts from 350 Euros (see below)

Luzhniki Stadium Moscow

*these tickets are slightly more expensive as this game will also include the opening ceremony

The official budget for the World Cup Russia 2018  is 678 billion rubles ($11.6 billion).


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