French Roulette Review

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French Roulette It’s a favorite of customers worldwide, even those who have never been in France. The French roulette table layout is the only one so many want to see when visiting a casino (online or on land). The reason? An extremely low house edge of just 1.35%, thanks to a couple of quirky rule changes. If you’re looking for the best places to play French roulette online, and more information about how to play, you’re in the right place!

How to Play French Roulette

The aim of the game in all styles of Roulette is to predict where the ball lands when the Roulette wheel stops spinning.

The croupier will spin the wheel one way and set the ball in motion in the other direction and it will spin until the ball lands in a numbered slot.

There are a number of basic bets you can make on the outcome, and each bet includes one or more possible numbers. These are grouped into inside and outside bets as follows:

Inside bets

  • Straight bet: choosing a single number from the 36 available – pays 35:1
  • Split bet: choosing two adjacent numbers on the grid – pays 17:1
  • Street bet: choosing a row of three numbers – pays 11:1
  • Corner bet:[/B] choosing a group of four numbers – pays 8:1
  • Line bet:[/B] choosing two adjacent rows of numbers – pays 5:1

Note: the street and corner bets may also include the zero

Outside bets

One of the first things you will notice in a French Roulette game is that when it comes to the outside bets, the table is in French.

These bets translate as follows:

  • Column bet: choosing one of the three columns of numbers – pays 2:1
  • Douzaine = Dozen bet: choosing the Premier (first), Moyenne (second) or Derniere (third) set of 12 – shown as 12P, 12M or 12D – pays 2:1
  • Rouge/Noir = Red/Black bet: choosing any red or black number – pays 1:1
  • Pair/Impair = Odd/even bet: choosing an odd or even number – pays 1:1
  • Manque/Passe = Low/high bet: choosing 1-18 or 19-36 – pays 1:1

A second chance for even money bets

In the American or European Roulette wheel, if the balls lands in the zero slot, you will lose any even-money bets, such as red/black or odd/even.

When you play on the French Roulette wheel, you don’t lose: you get a second chance.

This can happen in one of two ways:

  • En Prison rule: any losing even-money bet remains on the table and is imprisoned until the next spin. If it is a winner on that spin, the stake is returned to the player.
  • Le Partage rule: any losing even-money bet is split 50:50 between the player and the house, so you only lose half of your stake.

Different Casinos play different rules, so it is important to know what the house Roulette rules are for even-money bets before you start to play.

Advanced Bets

As you get more experienced with the standard bets, or bored with the same old wagers, you can move on to what are called announced or called bets.

These may seem intimidating at first because of their exotic French names, but they are quite straightforward when you get the hang of them.

The main announced bets in the game of French Roulette are:

  • Voisins du Zero (neighbours of zero): all numbers on the wheel between 22 and 25. This bet involves nine chips spread between splits, corners and threesomes of these numbers.
  • Le Tiers du Cylinder (thirds of the wheel): all numbers opposite zero, from 27 to 33. This bet involves six chips placed as splits between these numbers
  • Jue Zero (zero game): the six numbers either side of zero and the zero itself. This bet is played as three splits and a straight bet on 26
  • Orphelins (orphans)

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