Tennis betting guide with Betzest

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Tennis was once considered to be a sport for the privileged class only but it has now become one of the most popular sports around the world. It is one of the most fun sports to play, entertaining to follow and lots of fun to gamble on. This sport brings with it many high-profile tournaments such as Wimbledon or the French, Australian and US open. No wonder Tennis online betting is very popular in the internet sports betting community.

Tennis History

Tennis dates all the way back to the 12th Century. Back then monks and clergy played it by hitting a small ball, using nothing but their hands, over a net. It was the Europeans that later started to use paddles and played it on indoor courts. Furthermore, was not until the mid-1800’s that tennis developed in to a sport played on grass courts and was played in a way that we more accustomed to today. It became so popular as a sport that courts started to sprout up in public parks and sports centres everywhere.

The Rules

Staking on tennis is very similar to betting on any other sport with only 1 evident exception. The spreads and totals are calculated in games rather than points. In tennis online gambling there are 2 major betting lines, the first being the matchup while the other is the set bet. Below is the type of bets you will come across at Betzest:

Straight Money Line: The easiest bet is staking on one player to win a match.

Spread: A spread of the number of games is used in most matches

Over/Under: This is wagering on the total number of games that will be played in a match

Futures: This type of odds tend to accompany major tournaments and international team competitions.

Live Betting: Tennis can be a high intensity game, therefore live betting at Betzest can provide all of the fun and excitement of being a player in the match yourself.

Tennis Betting Tips

Betting on tennis is just like betting on any other sport. Here are the most important factors that should be considered before betting on tennis:

Recent Form: The key factor to consider before making a bet is how fit are the players for the upcoming match. Factors like long distance traveling and playing for days at a time can have a negative impact on some players, while other player may be more resistant to this factor.

Surface: Tournaments take place on 3 different types of surface – hard, clay and grass. Certain players are better on a certain surface while others may be good on all 3

Best Tennis Bets

There will always be winners and losers and obviously upsets will always happen. We are continuously reminded of that with every tournament that passes. Tennis has always been a game of many angles and there are plenty of angles in tennis betting as well.

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