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Mixed Martial Arts has become one of the fastest growing sports in the world. It has now become a main stream sport after it overcome all of the difficulties associated with a full contact sport. Its fast-paced action has proven to be very popular among its fans. Whether you watch it for the Knockouts, the ground game or the high-flying action, we can all say that the MMA is one of the most exciting sports to watch.

MMA Organizations Guideline

We are now going to explain some of the most popular fighting organizations that exist. Punters are able to bet on almost all of these fighting organizations. You will be able to find better value on some of the least known organizations.

  • UFCUFC is the biggest and most famous fighting organization that exists. The UFC events are numbered (UFC 224 etc).
  • Bellator MMA This is the closest competitor to the UFC. It has a tournament style format where fighters have to work their way through the field to make it to the championship fights.
  • World Series of Fighting (WSOF)Based out of Las Vegas, this is the best place for fighters to grow in stature. The actual fight takes place in a decagon and it has identical rules as the other major promotions.
  • Invicta FCThis is an all-female organization that is growing in popularity quite fast.
  • One ChampionshipOne Championship is mainly popular in Asia and is known as the biggest and most popular mixed martial arts organization in Asia.

MMA Betting

Just like with any other sport you are able to bet on, there are multiple different bets that you can put your money on. Below are some of the most common types of bets a punter can find at Betzest.

  • Moneyline / MatchbetsThis bet is as simple as picking the fighter who you believe is going to win the fight.
  • Over and Under BetsThe Over and Under bets are bets placed on how long the fight will last. This gives punters a means of predicting with out the necessity to pick a winner.
  • Prop Bets and Victory MethodsThe prop bets are usually for fun only. The prop bets and Victory methods in MMA are generous money makers.

Tips from FootballBetExpert

There are a few things you will have to keep an eye out for before you get completely swept off your feet with all of the excitement.

  • Reach and SizeBeing Big and Strong is not necessarily an advantage. Fighters move from one weight class to another. Watch out for these changes as moving up a weight class might make it difficult for the fighter to deal with the physical aspects of a bigger opponent.
  • Age vs ExperienceYounger opponents do have a slight advantage as the older the fighter gets the slower they are BUT they also have a lot more experience that can be valuable against inexperienced fighters.
  • InjuriesIf a fighter has had a long-term injury then they may find it very hard to come back to the MMA.