Bet on Waterpolo

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Bet on Waterpolo

Waterpolo is a contact team sport played in the water between 2 teams that are made up of 7 players each. It is compared to handball where the objective of the game is to throw the ball in the opponent’s goal. The game requires that the players are strong, accurate, very good swimmers and have a lot of stamina.

Even though water polo is not as main stream as football or basketball, it is gaining huge popularity in the USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, China and the European Union.

Waterpolo is in no way a new sport. It has been around for a while even though its origins are still rather obscure. The official version states that back in the mid-1800s, a resort owner came up with the game, to attract more people.

Waterpolo Betting Events Guideline

Some of the Waterpolo events that are covered by Betzest are as follows:

  • Olympic GamesThe Olympic games are held every 4 years and water polo is amongst the list of one of the first sports ever introduced in the Olympic games.
  • FINA Waterpolo world cupThe International Waterpolo competition which is held biannual.
  • European ChampionshipsThis is held biannual and involves the European national water polo teams.
  • Waterpolo world leagueThe top teams from around the world compete to be the best of the best. This league starts at the end of July.
  • Waterpolo Len Euro leagueJust like European football teams have the champions league; water polo clubs have the Premier European Water polo club competition.
  • Waterpolo Len CupSecond tier European water polo clubs compete for the Water Polo Len Cup. This is available for both the male and female teams.
  • Waterpolo Domestic LeaguesThe most popular leagues to stake on are the Italian Serie A and the Spanish Division de Honor.

Bet on Waterpolo

You will be amazed at the sheer amount of types of wagers that you are able to find at Betzest. Below is a taste of what is available:

  • OutrightWager on the team that you believe will win the tournament.
  • Winner Predict the team that will win the match.
  • Total ScoreStake on the total number of goals scored by both teams will be over or under the value set at Betzest.
  • Handicap The team considered to be the underdog by Betzest will be given an advantage in order to even the field.

Tips from FootballBetExpert

Always keep an eye out for the team that has a top-class goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is the most vital part of a team. This position is vital as the goalie has to able to anticipate and block shots since he is the last defender against any threats by the opposing team.

Bet on Waterpolo