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Bet on Ice Hockey. This is a sport that is played in various countries around the world but despite it not being as popular as Football, American Football or Basketball, Ice hockey has quite a large popularity in Canada and northern Europe. At Betzest, punters are able to bet on NHL games along with other Ice Hockey competitions.

Ice Hockey History

The exact origin of Ice Hockey is a little uncertain but we do know that the structured Ice Hockey that we are accustomed to today started in Montreal Canada. The very first indoor hockey game was played on the 3rd of March 1875. Ice hockey is a very intense contact team sport played on an ice rink, where 2 teams consisting of 6 players each, use their sticks to shoot a rubber puck into their opponent’s net.

Ice Hockey Betting Rules

Bet on Ice Hockey. There is a wide range of betting markets that are linked with Ice Hockey betting, some of which are unique to the sport, others are general betting markets. Below is a list of the most popular ice hockey markets at Betzest.

  • Match Result: This is the easiest and most straight forward bet of them all. You choose the team that you believe will win the ice hockey game during regular time.
  • Match Result (Incl. OT): This bet is based on the winner of the game. It does not make a difference if the win is earned after regular time or during over time.
  • Puck Line: Puck line betting is a common betting form in Ice Hockey. It is usually referred to as the spread. This is when a point spread is applied to the favourite and the underdog. You will have to place a bet on either team to win or lose by 2 or more goals.
  • Goal Totals Over/Under: Punters will have the option to bet on the total number of goals scored during the game.
  • Correct Score: With this bet, punters will stake on what they believe the correct score will be at the end of the game.

Best Ice Hockey Bets

Before placing a bet on Ice Hockey, there are some obvious things you will need to keep an eye out for which include the current teams form, are there any injuries in the team, is the star player being rested for the game, does the home team always have an extra edge on the away team on their home rink and obviously the current standings.

Take a close look at the Goal Tender. The result is not necessarily dependent only on the goal tender but it is usually considered to be one of the most important positions on the ice rink. If you are confident the Goal Tender is in fantastic form, it will give you added confidence in your bet

Make sure you keep a close eye on the odds, and if you see what you believe to be of fantastic value, just go ahead and take it!

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