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Field Hockey is not a sport that you hear about very often. It does have a very loyal fan base that would be more then welcome to explain how awesome this sport really is. As with all sports, bookmakers offer odds on all matches from the men’s and women’s tournaments.

Field Hockey History

Field Hockey is a sport with a rich history. This game was played in English public schools during the 19th Century and just like with any other sport, its popularity has increased with time. During this time, it was played on a much larger field and players used a cube of black rubber.

The modern game has been developed because members of a club were looking for a form of winter exercise but at the same time were not fans of football. The first hockey association was put together in 1886 but unfortunately the clubs could not come to an agreement on the rules. Therefore, the clubs used to play with their own rules.

It didn’t take that long for field hockey to reach all of the English territories. It first appeared in the Olympics back in 1908 which took place in London and there was a total of 3 teams involved at the time – England, Scotland and Ireland.

Today, it is played on a synthetic turf and the sticks used by the players are made from fibreglass, carbon fibre and Kevlar instead of the traditional wood. Even the ball has changed from a cricket leather type ball to a hard-plastic ball.

Field Hockey Betting

Below is a brief break down of the most common bets a punter can place on Field Hockey with Betzest.

  • 1×2 – Predict who will win the match. This market will contain the two teams and the draw as betting selections.
  • Handicap – Predict who will win the match / period with the indicated handicap applied.
  • Over/Under – Predict whether the total number of goals scored will be over or under the indicated total line.
  • Odd/Even – Predict whether the total number of goals scored will be odd or even.

Tips from FootballBetExpert

Online field hockey betting can be compared to any other sport. The best thing to improve your bottom line is to take an interest in the sport. Find a favourite league and focus on learning the ins and outs of that league.