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Biathlon is a winter sport that combines cross-country skiing with precision rifle shooting. This combination requires that the biathlete is both physically and mentally strong. They ski between sic and 20km on the course and stop 2 or 4 times to shoot at 5 targets.

This sport was introduced to the Olympics during the 1960 Winter Olympics. As with any other sport, there are competitions that prepare a biathlete for the Olympics which is on the list of top priorities for all athletes.

Biathlon Betting Events Guideline

There are 5 men’s and 5 women’s events along with the mixed replay.

  • Individual (20Km men / 15Km women) – The athletes starts are staggered with 4 rounds of shooting (2 standing up and 2 laying down). For every missed target 1 minute is added to their finishing time.
  • Sprint (10Km men / 7.5Km women) – The racers complete 2 rounds of shooting (1 standing and 1 laying down). For every miss, a penalty loop of 150m must be completed before continuing the race.
  • Pursuit – The starting line-up is based upon the positioning in the individual and the sprint events. During the race, 4 rounds of shooting are to be completed (2 laying down and 2 standing). Athletes are required to ski the penalty loop for missed targets.
  • Mass Start – All athletes start all at once and the shooting rules are exactly the same as the pursuit. The first racer to cross the line is the eventual winner.
  • Relay – Every team is made up of 4 biathletes. Every athlete has to shoot at the targets twice and are given an extra 3 bullets. They will have to ski the penalty loop for every target they miss.

Biathlon Betting

The main focus when betting on Biathlon is the overall winner of the race. There may possibly be some side bets that you are able to place but the overall winner of the race is the most important factor of the race. Betzest offers outright bets for its customers to place their wagers on the athlete they believe is going to be the overall winner.

Tips from FootballBetExpert

Watching the championship from the very beginning is the best way to understand the athletes individual condition. Staying in the best condition over a period of a few months is incredibly hard for any athlete.