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The AFL (Australian Football League) which is commonly known as Aussie Rules is the most popular sport down under after cricket. Its roots come from rugby and although it is played in Australia, the AFL has fans from all over the world who support the different teams that play in the AFL.

Each team has a total of 22 players, out of which 18 players can be present on the field at any given time. The game itself consists of 4 quarters and each quarter will run for around 30 minutes. Since there are frequent breaks during an AFL game, the match itself can run for around 2 and a half hours. The high intensity pace of the game makes it a very watchable sport.

Aussie Rules is a physical contact sport where players run with the ball, just like a player can in rugby. The only difference is that they have to bounce the ball once every 15 metres. Players pass the ball by spiking it with their hand or by kicking it to a fellow team mate. Points are scored by kicking the ball through the goal posts which is worth 6 points or else behind the posts at any height which award them 1 point.

Aussie Rules Football Bets

  • Win the flag: Every team plays to win the flag and therefore it is ideal to secure the best prices on your preferred team by placing this kind of wager at Betzest.
  • Make the Grand Final: At Betzest you will be able to place a wager on which teams you think are going to make it to the Grand Final. With these types of Aussie Rules bets the odds will constantly change throughout the season.
  • Wooden Spoon: Just like any other sport, there are always going to be winners and losers. You can therefore see during the course of the season and due to their disastrous performances, which team is going to receive the wooden spoon. Get your money down on this betting option at Betzest.
  • Top Victorian Team: With 10 out of the 18 teams in the AFL from outside of Victoria, the odds are high for a Victorian team to finish on top. At Betzest, bettors are able to wager on which Victorian team the believe will finish in top place.
  • Top Non-Victorian Team: The other 8 teams that are not from Victoria should also get their chance at that top position as well. You are able to place a bet on the top Non-Victorian team to place highest during the season at Betzest.

Aussie Rules Betting Tips

  • Betzest covers all AFL matches that you would want to bet on.
  • Make use of the Live betting at Betzest to place your bets.

You do not necessarily have to live in Australia to like the most popular sport that Australia is known for.

Best Aussie Rules Football Bets.  Bet on Aussie Rules at Betzest

The best return on investment bets is to bet on how many goals will be scored in a single game or who is going to take the flag, but obviously these are not the safest bets to make.

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