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Bandy betting odds. Discover the latest Bandy betting at Betzest. Find odds for the Bandy World Championships and every other major bandy competition. As the highly anticipated new bookie, we aim to cover all sports that matter to you. With our comprehensive live betting markets, you could watch live bandy and bet, with odds updated in real time. Betzest are offering Swedish Elitserien bandy betting. Learn how to bet on bandy, and discover everything about this great winter sport.

Bandy is very similar with Football and Ice Hockey.

Bandy is a team winter sport played on ice by 11 field players, in which skaters use sticks to direct a ball into the opposing team’s goal. Based on the number of participating athletes, bandy is the world’s second-most popular winter sport after ice hockey. The equipment used is  similar with Ice Hockey: Bandy ball, bandy stick, skates, protective gear.

At first glance bandy may be mistaken for ice hockey, however, the game is more comparable with football; Played on a rink the size of a football pitch with 11players per team, two 45-minute halves, the same offside rule and unlike hockey there is no puck, bandy players use a small plastic orange ball.

Like football, players pass, dribble and shoot, with play only stopping when the ball goes out for a goal throw, corner stroke, penalty stroke, stroke in or by the referee. Discipline is maintained by the red and blue card system – Red means you can no longer play for the remainder of the game, while Blue is a 10-minute penalty (three Blues in the same game result in a red).

Bandy is often described as a cross between football and hockey. Popular amongst Scandinavian countries and in Russia, the sports roots are surprisingly firmly set within England’s history – as Bandy was first played in 1813 in Cambridgeshire, England.

With such noticeable similarities between the two sports, it gives the bettors with knowledge of either soccer or hockey the ability to transfer their betting skills to bandy.

The Swedish Bandy League is called Elitserien


Despite various countries hosting Bandy Leagues, the Swedish Elitserien (inauguration for the 2007-2008 season) is probably the most established league in the world. The Elitserien consists of 14 teams and begins with the regular season in late October whereby each team play 26 games. The first eight teams then qualify for the quarter-finals, and there is a knockout format until the two remaining teams compete in the season finale at the Friends arena.

The two teams finishing at the bottom play a relegation round robin tournament against the top two teams from the Allsvenskan – the second division -, with the top two teams playing in the Elitserien the following season.

Bandy Betting Odds with Betzest

There are a number of ways to bet on bandy with Betzest. Bettors have the opportunity to mix up their bets with a variety of different betting formats such as:

Bandy Betting:

1×2 markets are the most popular market and the simplest way for a player to understand the cost of a bet. 1×2 bandy bettors are ultimately betting on who will win the match.

Bandy Betting Odds

Bandy Handicap Betting:

When the perceived bias in ability between two teams is different, bookmakers offer a goal handicap to level the playing field. These goals are then added to the game’s final score, and the winner is the team that wins with these additions.

Bandy  Betting Odds Totals:

Bandy total frames betting allows the punter to bet whether the total number of goals by both teams will be over or under the value set by Betzest.

Whether it’s the Swedish League, the Champions Cup or the FIB Bandy World Championship, Betzest offers online betting markets for all Bandy events. As the popularity of the sport continues to grow, we continue to increase the bet types and markets for Bandy fans.

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