Ante-post Betting with Betzest™

What does Ante-post Betting mean?

Ante-post betting which is also known as Future Betting is a type of betting system which gives players the opportunity to place long-term bets on a special event or an event which is going to take place over a long period.

Antepost Events

Put simply, it is an event that is not going to take place today but sometime after that. Therefore, a punter can place a bet on an event at least 24 hours before the event is going to take place.

Ante-Post Betting Markets
Ante-post betting is offered by Betzest on the following Events.

Football bets – Betzest starts to accept wagers on all major tournaments and leagues well before the campaign is concluded.
World-renowned events and tournaments – Football World cups, Cricket, rugby etc get a lot of ante-post attention at Betzest.
Golf and Tennis tournaments – All major Grand Slam Events and Major Golf venues are provided with ante-post betting at Betzest.
Special Events – Apart from all of the sporting events offered by Betzest, punters may also bet on events like the Oscars, tv shows like Xfactor or the Eurovision song contest.

Ante-Post Betting on Football
Ante-post betting on football at Betzest gives punters the opportunity to place bets on both leagues and competitions from around the world. Some of the events are:

To Win Outright – Bet on the winning team of a competition or league from the Premier League to the World cup.
Top Goal Scorer – The player to score the most goals in a particular competition or league.
Group Betting – Bet on the winner of a qualification group or who will qualify from a group and advance to the next stage.
Promotion – Betting on a team to get promoted to the league above.
Relegation – Betting on a team to get relegated from their current league to the league below.
Top Finish – Bet on a team to place amongst the top 4 teams of a league.
Next Manager – Bet on who you believe will be the next manager of a particular club.

Top Tips from Football Bet Expert for Ante-post betting
Research – Just like with any other bet you are going to place, always put in the time to do as much research beforehand. Research anything from the Team, players, current form, weather about the event you are going to wager on. The more research and the more information you can find out through the stats provided by the Betzest Widgets the better chance you have of placing a winning bet.

Odds – Always keep an eye on how the market odds are shaping up. If there have been any fluctuations or shortening of odds on your preferred team is a good indication that there is good news out there which is backing your pick.
Ante-post Betting Pros and Cons
The best advantage are the huge returns and the greater value.
They give the punter the opportunity to plan bets over a period of time.
Long-term planning is beneficial for a punters finances.


The wager is locked for a long period of time.
The punter may face a situation where the entire stake is lost in the case of an ante post non runner.

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