Football Betting

How To Bet On Football: A Beginner’s Guide

How To Bet On Football: A Beginner’s Guide

Football betting – is the KING sport and offers many possibilities to bet on along with great entertainment  for international punters across the world.

Therefore, in this article we want to give you a more detailed guide on how to place your bets and which bookmakers are the best and most trustable to deposit and enjoy BIG wins and fast payouts.

All online sportsbooks offer the possibility to bet on football games across the world. When you are betting online, you can enjoy a vast type of football betting, we will show you how.

Our in-depth guide to football betting includes what the most popular markets are and how to find the best value within them.

Football/Soccer (hoe they call it in America) is one of the most popular sports to bet on in Europe and in the UK, with a remarkable 50 per cent of all money wagered by bettors spent on the beautiful game.

Therefore is important that you, the player, knows all the vital features of the football markets.

The massive volume of football games has helped the online gaming industry to grow and to permit punters to place a wager on a vast host of markets, with many sportsbooks offering special deals and fantastic odds.

Our experts will go through what you need to know about football betting so you can understand better the confusion surrounding the markets.

Different Types of Football Bets:

Firstly you should understand about betting on football is the fact that there are several different types of wagers that can be placed at Online bookmakers. is not a must to use all the different types, depending on what strategies you desire, but it’s still advisable to learn at least a little about each one.

Below we look at the two most popular types of wagers, some of the other commonly used options, and the various options for wagering on multiple games with a single bet.

Odds are set by a oddsmakers working for bookies and represent the ratio between the stake and winnings on a given outcome, should you wish to place a bet on it. They are usually shown as fractions (eg, 2/1), but can sometimes be shown as decimals (2.00) and you can decide which you prefer to use. For example, if the outcome of an event has odds of 2/1 (or 2.00), it means you will win $/€4 for every $/€2 you bet.

Picks For Football Games

One of our best football betting site that we strongly recommend is Betzest  and covers all football leagues in the world . This is a  great sportsbook to open an account with and then to apply your strategy of football betting, and you can also find the best odds possible.

How football betting works

At betzest there are more than 50,000 of football matches and markets to bet on every week. The oddsmakers will provide odds on the probability of the outcome of matches and events within the respective match, such as correct result, the number of goals scored, corners won, red and yellow cards shown, and individual goal scorers.

Betzest has always boosted odds for Premier League, Champions league, Europa League, World Cup. League 1, Euro, Serie A, La Liga, and also will have special offers  to try to give you the best-value bet. Once the outcome of the event is confirmed and your bet is a winner, you can cashout very fast your original stake plus the winnings from the odds.

Different Types of Football Bets

There are a number of different types of football bets, including accumulators where you can combine different selections of matches to make one large odds price to place your bet. This is available with the most of football markets.

Below, we will run you through the most popular types of bets on football.

Match bet

The match bet is the easiest form of football betting in which you pick the result of a football match. You can bet on the home team to win, the away team to win or a draw. It’s vital to  know that match bets are paid out on the outcome after 90 minutes, so if the scores are level then, the draw is the winning bet, irrespective of the outcome after extra time or penalties.

Bet builder/same game multi

Bet builders are  a fairly new addition to football betting however, their popularity has massively grew in recent years. Most of the times referred to as same game multis, these popular bets are successfully an accumulator of outcomes from a single match rather than a number of matches.  These type of bets has skyrocketed and may players are using it.

These bets are certainly less likely to come in because of the number of outcomes that need to happen. But, they are fantastic if you are expert and analyze  both teams and want to place small-stake bets at the bigger odds that can be realized by combining numerous outcomes, such as the number of throw ins, corners and goal scorers, rather than betting on each individual market.

Furthermore player props are very popular , which we explain below, in bet builders.

What are Player Props?

Props, are wagers on outcomes that are decided during a football game, however, are not necessarily directly linked to the final result. Some examples include the following.

  • How many corners are in a respective game.
  • The total amounts of throw ins within a game.
  • The number of yellow/red cards.
  • How many free – kicks or goal – kicks there are in a match ?

These are just a very small selection of some props. Many sportsbooks such as Betzest offer dozens of different options, particularly on high profile matches like Champions League, Europa league, Premier league, Nations League and many more. Props are generally considered a fun type of bet rather than a way to make money, but it is possible to make consistent profits from them.

This is a way of showing how the football betting market has continued to evolve with an in-depth set of markets released for various Premier League and international matches. This is different to the goalscoring or card markets, and includes the ability to bet on players to have a certain number of shots, tackles and even offsides.

What’s on offer differs widely from sportsbook to sportsbook, however, one of the bookmakers with the most player props available is Betzest.

These bets are used by many bookmakers for boosted odds to give more value to punters, but you should be cautious about how much you stake on these bets as football can be very unpredictable and create lot of adrenaline.

What is Asian handicap bet

It’s a very good idea to learn at least the basics of handicapping betting football markets. This can really help you when it comes to approaching things in the right way and making good decisions in betting.

An Asian handicap bet is one in which your selection has a “handicap” to overcome, and what makes the bet unique is that it eliminates the potential of a draw in football betting terms.

The bookies give each team a plus or minus figure to denote their handicap. This can be either a whole-goal handicap (such as +1 or -2) or a half-goal handicap (+0.5 or -1.5).

How each works we will try to explain below:

Whole-goal handicap

Manchester United -1, Chelsea +2

The numbers next to each team are mentioned to their score in the game.

If you bet on Manchester United, you win if they win by a two-goal margin or more. You lose if they draw or lose. And you get your stake back if they win by a one-goal margin, which is cancelled out by the -1, making the handicap result a draw.

If you bet on Chelsea, you win if they win, if they draw or if they lose by only a one-goal margin. You lose if they lose by a three-goal margin or more. And you get your stake back if they lose by a two-goal margin, which is cancelled out by the +2, making the handicap result a draw.

A whole-goal handicap better offers the safety net of your stake being returned.

Half-goal handicap

Manchester United -1.5, Chelsea +1.5 

If you bet on Man United and they win by a two-goal margin or more, you win. A win by one goal, a draw or a defeat and you lose.

If you bet on Chelsea and they lose by one goal, draw or win, you win. If they lose by a two-goal margin or more, you lose. A half-goal handicap bet eliminates the possibility of a draw altogether.

European handicap bet

A European handicap is the same to an Asian handicap but with two main differences: one is that the draw remains an option and the other is that the handicaps are only ever whole numbers.

Manchester United  -1, Draw -1, Chelsea +2

If you bet on Manchester United, you win if they win by a two-goal margin or more.

If you bet on the draw, you win if Manchester United  win by a single goal.If you bet on Chelsea, you win if they win, draw or lose by only one goal.


You can bet on the result of the first half and/or the second half. You can bet on the home team, away team or draw for one or both halves.

This bet is for expert football punters who has great knowledge to guess the teams who start or finish matches strongly or weakly.

Knowing in depth details about both teams  can also be an advantage with this type of bet.

Double chance

You can bet on two of the three outcomes of the match to increase your chance of winning. The combinations are:

  • Home team or draw
  • Away team or draw
  • Home team or away team

If any of your combinations wins you will be paid out. The odds are lower than betting on just a single match outcome as there is more chance of winning, but this bet is good for punters who want to reduce the aspect of risk.


Accumulators combine multiple selections into one bet and are among the most popular forms of betting on football. This is because they offer the possibility of big returns for small stakes as the winnings from each selection are placed on the next one. The certain risk is that all the bets have to win for the punter to receive a payout.

For example, you might find five teams that you think are going to win matches, all of which are priced at even money. If you were to bet $/€1 on each of the teams winning in four single bets, your total return would be $/€10 – $/€2 for each successful bet including your returned stake money.

However,  if you were to place a $/€1 accumulator on all five winning at even money, the $/€2 from Team A winning would effectively be placed on Team B, doubling the return to $/€4, and this would double again for Teams C,D, E making the total return $/€18. If all four teams were priced at 2/1, the return would increase to $/€101, so it’s obvious to see why accumulators are attractive bets.

Goalscorer betting

This is a bet on a certain player to score during a football match.

Punters can bet on various outcomes, such as your selection to be the first or last goalscorer in the match or to score at any time during it. The odds on them scoring at any time will be shorter because there is clearly a greater chance of that happening.

These bets can be good if a certain player is in good shape or if one team is much better than the other and it becomes likely a player will score.

Correct score/Scorecast/Wincast

A correct score bet is one in which you guess the final score of a match. Remember that this will be the outcome after 90 minutes in cup ties that could go to extra time and/or penalties. The prices for correct score bets are often attractive however, of course, predicting the exact score is very difficult.

A Scorecast is a bet that combines selecting a goalscorer and the correct score. For example, you can bet on Leo Messi to score and PSG to win 2-0. Again, the odds on such bets are higher because you are betting on the likelihood of two outcomes. Some bookies such as betzest will also let you choose the goalscorer in a Scorecast to be the first, last or at any time.

A Wincast is similar to a Scorecast, but involves selecting a goalscorer and the outcome of the match rather than the correct score. The odds will not be as high as a Scorecast because it is easier to predict the outcome rather than the scoreline.

Over and Under betting

This is a bet on the total number of times an event (goals, corners, yellow cards, throw ins) will happen during a match.

Sportsbooks give a baseline number to a football match and punters can bet on whether there will be more (over) or fewer (under) than that number. The baseline number will never be a whole number, which guarantees that the outcome will be one of two: over or under. (You can’t score half a goal.)

So in a match where a sportsbook is offering Over or Under 2.5 goals, you win if you bet on Over and three or more goals are scored, but you lose if the total is none, one or two goals only. Furthermore, if you bet on Under, you win if none, one or two goals are scored and lose if the total is three or higher.

Draw No Bet

This is where punters bet on the outcome of a match, but if it ends in a draw then punters will get your stake back. But, this means the odds will normally be lower than other markets.

Next Manager and Player odds markets

Loads of  bookmakers such as betzest will offer boosted odds on some big events such as Champions league, Europa league, Premier league etc. Popular markets include Next Manager to be Sacked, which is self-explanatory, or Next Manager, in which you can bet on the contenders for a vacant position.

Similar markets operate for which club big-name players will move to next or for the leading goalscorer in a competition or division, for example the Champions league  Golden Boot.

You can keep an eye out on Betzest to see what they have to offer.

Live betting

As the name suggests, Live betting means making a bet on an outcome during an football match, such as backing the next team to score in a match you are watching on TV.

Betzest provides many markets, such as the next goalscorer, which team will win the next corner or throw-in, or who will be the next player to be shown a yellow card. There are also some great markets to follow on Live betting at betzest with certain specials,  within the prop markets available such as shots and player shots. At Betzest You can also bet live on specials and political or Eurovision contest.

How to find value when betting on football

One of the most important thing to remember is there are no sure bets in football. You can do as much research and have as much knowledge on a game as you like but there is still room for a shock result. However, this gives punters lot of adrenaline and excitement whilst betting with best odds at betzest.

Don’t forget that  you should always research football expert sites and use your knowledge to bet on football to conclude which game and which bet you would like to bet on.

Less expert punters will usually be better suited to simpler bets, such as Match Bet or goalscorer markets, and those that present less risk, such as Draw No Bet.

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