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Handball betting guide with Betzest

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Bet on Handball

Handball is not considered as one of the major sports worldwide but handball betting is immensely popular amongst punters. This sport is extremely popular in parts of Europe, particularly in Germany, Spain and the Nordic countries. The most common leagues to bet on are the Swedish Elitserien, the German Bundesliga or the Spanish Liga Asobal. All of the mentioned leagues can be found at Betzest Sportsbook.

Handball has gradually evolved over the last century from a Sport that was played outdoor to the modern indoor version that we are accustomed to nowadays. This transition from outdoor to indoor has transformed the game into a high tempo and more dynamic game while the indoor venues give the fans a more intense atmosphere.

The game itself involves 2 teams consisting of 7 players each, 6 of which are outfield players and another one in goal. The indoor playing court is 40m X 20m and the game is played over 2 halves made up of 30 mins each. The aim of the game is to score more goals than the opposing team by throwing a ball in the goal.

Handball Bets

The handball betting options that are provided to us by Betzest are similar to those of basketball betting. Please see below for more information:

  • Match Betting: This bet is exactly the same as Money Line. You are backing a specific team to win the match.
  • Handicap Betting: At Betzest, our bookmaker will assign a + or – handicap to each team. That set number of goals is added to – or subtracted from a + to determine the final score and outcome of the bet.
  • Game Totals: How many goals are going to be scored by a team during a specific fixture, the options are either over or under the set by the bookmaker.
  • First Half Betting: Punters are able to bet on the score after the first half of the match only.
  • Future or Outright Betting: This is when you can bet on a team to win a tournament or an individual group within that tournament.

Handball Major Events

Handball can be compared to many other sports in a way that it is dominated by major events. The list below shows some of the Major events you can bet on at Betzest.

  1. The Olympic Games
  2. The EHF Cup
  3. The European League
  4. The European Championship
  5. The World Handball Championship
  6. Worlds Women Championship

Go to Betzest and keep an eye out for when these major handball events are scheduled.

Handball Betting Tips

Bet on handball. Anyone that is interested in betting on handball definitely needs to become informed about the game as much as they possibly can. Get informed about the teams, the players, their current form, and any injuries to top players. The keeper is one of the most valuable areas to concentrate on. A team with a top-quality player defending their goal can make the difference between a win and loss. Knowing the abilities of all of the keepers participating in a tournament, and whether or not that are in top form or going through a slump will always pay off for the handball bettor.